Wednesday, October 24, 2007

John Snoddy, Daniel Boone & The Moores

The Filson Club Quarterly, July 1971, pg 256:

    "John Snoddy, in a deposition, said 'I came to Kentucky with Daniel Boone in the year 1775 and came by the blue lick crost Silver Creek and went up Harts Fork and soon on to what is now Bonnesbourgh.'"
The Moore brothers assigned their land warrants to Captain John Snoddy when they left the Clinch, and since Captain Snoddy was a militia officer and at times was in command of Moore's Fort, as well as owning it, it was sometimes called Snoddy's Fort. Moore's Fort was the largest and most widely known of the Clinch chain of forts.

(Source: “Frontier Forts of Southwest Virginia”, by Emory L. Hamilton, Historical Sketches of Southwest Virginia, Number 4, 1968)